Comprehensive Network Design and Implementation Services

Whether in the cloud or on-premises, networks are the backbone of information networks. As data-bearing devices, WIFI, heterogeneity of topologies, and the integration of on-premises and cloud networks have flourished, network design and engineering have become increasingly complex. Add an accelerating rate of computer hacking to the picture and you have an insurmountable challenge unless outside expert help is brought in to assist.

Network Design

The health and agility of your network infrastructure determine whether your business information system will operate smoothly, productively, and without high support costs. IP addressing, bandwidth management, traffic monitoring, web filtering, intrusion detection, security event management, and performance optimization are the primary factors in a well-designed network and should receive expert attention. Technical Framework will assist with the mentioned areas in addition to hardware selection, blueprints and diagrams, cabling layouts, and WIFI surveys as part of the design process.

Network Planning and Implementation

Implementing a new network or upgrading an existing one relies on the precise execution of the design factors mentioned above. The planning stage seeks to limit disruptions in the company using a phased approach.

During the implementation phase, Technical Framework will help you coordinate with employees, department heads, and outside vendors. Clear communication regarding the scope of each implementation stage will keep everyone informed and help staff to limit the impact of the expected downtimes.

Network Monitoring and Optimization

Once the new network is live, you’ll need to monitor and optimize configurations on computers, printers, and other networked devices. Network engineers should be on standby to resolve any unforeseen issues quickly and efficiently.  

That is where our other services come in to play.  To discuss further please contact us below.  Lets set up a free review of your network today!