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Banking & Financial Services

Today's financial service providers are under pressure to quickly adapt to a myriad of challenges from new, tech-driven competitors and ever-changing regulations – not to mention the onslaught of cybersecurity threats. That's where Double Technologies comes in. Take advantage of our services to empower innovation across your business and deliver exclusive customer experiences, all while ensuring full regulatory and security compliance.


A fine blend of technology can do wonders everywhere, and the education industry is not untouched by this digital transformation age. There is a constant urge of something special and innovative in education. It is an industry that has witnessed so many changes over the past decades. IT solutions for the education industry is one of the major role players in this digital revolution.

Learning is not limited to books now. Apps and websites are slowly and gradually taking over the books and other traditional mediums. Along with this, students and teachers are looking out for customized services at their comfort zone and accessible from any device.  

Double Technologies can help create this environment from the ground up.  Please contact us for a free evaluation.


Innovation is at the core of healthcare and life sciences, propelling the creation of new products and services that improve and save lives. But safety and compliance must stay top of mind. Leverage Double Technologies domain-specific and technical expertise to quickly and effectively design, build, launch, and maintain your innovative solutions in a safe, methodical, and compliant manner.