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Cyber Defense Operations

Double Technologies, Cyber defense

Get hands-on operational support to transform your detection and response programs

Double Technologies specializing in event triage and analysis, incident response, threat intelligence, cyber security program development and organizational security transformation can help improve your detection and response capabilities.

Extend Capabilities

Double Technology's resources fill critical roles in your detection and response team.

Conduct Knowledge Transfer

Enable staff through day-to-day knowledge transfer.

Accelerate Transformation Initiatives

Expert consultants drive transformation efforts to help your organization mature its detection and response capabilities.

Potential Transformation Goals

  • Staff enablement

  • Threat hunting program development 

  • Use case/playbook development 

  • Use case/playbook operationalization 

  • Technology assessment/rationalization

  • Incident response plan (IRP) development 

  • Communications plan development 

  • Incident response process refinement 

  • Incident response capabilities assessment 

  • Tabletop exercises 

  • Metrics Development

Our Methodology

We begin by evaluating your existing cyber defense program in order to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Using the output of the evaluation and your organization’s security objectives, we define agreed upon transformation goals and objectives.



Double Technologies provides dedicated personnel to drive these transformation initiatives, including:

  • Hands on technical event triage, analysis and investigation support leveraging your technology stack.

  • Supporting intelligence gathering, threat hunting, forensic investigations, program transformation and case management.

  • By operating within your environment, we ensure operationalization of the improvements to provide long-lasting benefits.

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