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Compromise Assessment

Identify ongoing or past attacker activity in your environment

Identify intrusions, assess risk and respond effectively to future incidents

Double Technology's Compromise Assessment combines extensive experience responding to intrusions carried out by advanced threat actors, industry-leading threat intelligence and technology. This helps you identify your ongoing or past intrusions assess risk by identifying weaknesses in your security architecture, vulnerabilities, improper usage or policy violations and system security misconfigurations, and increase your ability to respond effectively to future incidents.


We built this assessment to meet your business objectives with speed, scale, and efficiency. In addition to identifying evidence of ongoing or past attacker activity in your environment, the assessment offers:

Context derived from threat intelligence

Provides insight into attacker attribution and motivation so organizations know if they are being targeted.

Identification of risks
Identifies security architecture and configuration weaknesses, including missing patches or security software.

Facilitation of future investigations
Recommends strategic options that can better prepare your organization's security team to respond to intrusions.

What we provide you with

  • Comprehensive analysis of your environment—focused on finding evidence of ongoing or past compromises

  • A view into your organization’s systemic risks and exposures

  • Identification of your security program’s hygiene issues

  • Best practice recommendations for furthering your organization’s ability to effectively respond to future incidents

  • Options to deploy on premise or cloud-hosted technology

What you get

  • Analysis of endpoint, network, email and log data

  • Identification of compromised systems

  • Report of attacker activity

  • Summary of findings

Deploy proprietary technology

We place investigative endpoint, network, email and log inspection technology at Internet egress points and on host systems such as servers, workstations, and laptops.

Summarize findings

We provide a detailed report that summarizes the steps taken during the assessment, the major findings, and any appropriate recommendations for next steps.

Assess your environment

We apply our comprehensive library of indicators of compromise to evaluate network traffic, servers, workstations, laptops, and critical log data for evidence of current and past attacker activity.

Analyze evidence

Our consultants perform host and network forensic analyses, as well as malware and log analyses, to conduct the assessment. We confirm initial findings to minimize false positives prior to reporting them.

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